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The pioneers of marine skin care

The sea is essential to the health and beauty of the skin, Phytomer represents plants of the sea

Is  vegan friendly,  not tested on animals, instead by skin care experts,dermatologist and biologists in 3rd party labs.

80% of all active ingredients are sourced and grown in Brittany France, often on their own farm near the lab and factory.

Oligomer is what makes Phytomer so unique and its in 98% of all the products. It delivers a supply of trace elements derived from seawater that is rich in oligo elements that help stimulate the vitality of skin cells.

Created in 1972 nearly 50 years ago and has been in Australia for 10 years is now one of the biggest spa brands in the world  

Skin Treatments - Facials - Spray Tan - Lash Lift - Microblading - Waxing - Massage